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    Kairos Educational Services provides online tutoring, mentoring and counseling for K-12, college and adult students. Using a personalized educational delivery paradigm, Kairos offers tutoring in Mathematics, English (Reading, Writing and Language Arts), French, Spanish, Science, Computer Science, History and Social Studies. Kairos also provides SAT, ACT, AP, test prep, and college admissions and application counseling for high school students. We also provide English Enrichment, French, and Spanish services to adult learners. Kairos Educational Services caters to all your family’s educational needs from K-12, college, and adult learners in public and private and home schools.

    The coronavirus, (COVID -19) pandemic disrupted the way education is delivered in the 21st century and presented real challenges for students at all educational levels. School districts across the nation reported significant learning loss in reading fluency and comprehension among elementary school students as well as increased difficulty in middle and high school math and English,  since the start of the pandemic. Over the past year, Kairos helped hundreds of students recuperate  pandemic-related learning loss. Elementary school students stabilized their reading and writing and high school students regained their confidence in Math and English. Post -pandemic teacher shortage will make tutoring even more relevant for K-12 students. Kairos continues to help students who may require a more focused instructional strategy to repair learning loss, supplement schoolwork, recover lost ground, and succeed in the new school year. Kairos’ online tutoring classes in Arithmetic, Math (Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Calculus, Geometry and Trigonometry); English, (Reading, Writing and English Language Arts); French; Spanish; Science (Biology, Physics and Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Chemistry, and Computer Science), History (Civics and Economics, World History and Geography) are designed to meet these momentous needs for elementary, middle, and high school students.

    Kairos offers one-on-one, and group virtual classes. Frequent and meaningful interaction between students and instructors has been found to increase the quality of the virtual educational experience. Online tutoring gives students the flexibility of learning from home, saving travel time and energy after a long school day. Adult learners receive training after work or during their spare time. All services are offered virtually via our online platform, Tutorcruncher, which allows clients to monitor their student’s progress on their own profile. Our highly qualified tutors give students the one-on-one support they need to identify their unique learning styles, set educational goals, and take ownership of their academic achievements.

    Our expert tutors teach college-bound students SAT, ACT and AP test taking strategies that help them excel and achieve high scores. College admissions and application counselors help juniors and seniors successfully navigate the complex college admissions process. Students receive step-by-step guidance through every stage of the college admissions process. Our counselors help students develop a list of reach, target, and safety schools, provide feedback on all writing samples and application materials, and emphasize the qualities application committees look for in incoming students.

    Mentoring is incorporated into all Kairos services. Our tutors guide and advise students on how to set and meet goals, develop positive attitudes, and create productive study habits. Tutors also offer academic advising, helping students discover their unique strengths and excel in them.

    Kairos Educational Services founder is a qualified educational leader, our tutors are experienced graduates, and our college counselor is Ivy league trained. We are here to support your students and facilitate their resounding success as they navigate their elementary, middle, and high school years; we offer stability and safe, quality instruction.    

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