Education Tailored to Your Student's Needs


The vision of Kairos Educational Services is to help elementary, middle and high school students, achieve academic excellence, fulfill their personal goals, and maximize their potential.


It is our mission to provide individualized tutoring customized to student’s needs and unique circumstances. Each student receives instruction tailored to their personal learning styles in a student-centric setting. The tutors skillfully guide the students towards meeting their individual goals and achieving academic success.

President & CEO

Dr. Adejoke Kassim earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership from Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia. She also holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Science from University of Ibadan in Nigeria. Dr. Kassim has taught high school Biology in Nigeria, and the United States. Although she put her teaching career on hold to raise her family, Dr. Kassim was never disconnected from education. She was hands-on with the education of her children, creating an atmosphere conducive for independent learning and student achievement. Two of her children are graduates of Yale University.

            Dr. Kassim’s transformational approach to education delivery using innovative online curriculum that targets individual learner’s needs will spur your students on to great heights in their academic pursuits. She combines her expertise as an educational leader with her passion for academic excellence to create a rigorous, and exciting environment that supports maximum productivity and success for the 21st century learner. Dr. Kassim oversees the provision of services and designing of the curriculum.

Education Officer

After attending high school in Northern Virginia, Tobi Kassim earned a B.A. in Creative Writing and English Literature from George Mason University in 2016, where he also received the Stadler fellowship for younger poets in his senior year. After obtaining his undergraduate degree, he received a Master’s in English Literature from Yale, where he won the Academy of American Poets Prize and the Albert Stanborough Cook Prize. While he was at Yale, he researched contemporary poetry and studies in sound and voice.

              At Yale, Tobi received training to teach at the undergraduate level in English for both literature and writing classes. He most enjoyed helping students hone their voices and sharpen their writing skills, while also learning about students’ interests through their writing. He loved working with them to bring the most unique aspects of their experiences to life on the page. In his free time, Tobi reads a variety of genres, writes poetry, exercises by chasing frisbees or basketballs, and listens to lots of music.