Using a transformational and innovative online approach, Kairos offers unique instructional services, tailored to your students learning style and challenges them to take ownership of their academic achievements. Kairos Educational Services caters to all your family’s educational needs from K-12, college and adult education.

The coronavirus, (COVID -19) pandemic has disrupted the way education is delivered in the 21st century, constituting and presenting real challenges for students at all educational levels. Educational needs of our students continue to increase with post-pandemic national teacher shortage and low scores in core subjects for elementary school students.

Kairos recently added adult education to its services, offering English Enrichment, Spanish, French and Computer Science to adults who desire to get their GED, pursue a degree, or learn a second language for work and travel purposes. Kairos continues to revise our services to adapt to the prevailing needs of our student population.

At Kairos, we support your students, identify their major areas of needs and provide targeted help in such areas. We build the students’ confidence and help them to achieve their goals.


our tutors are experts in Math, Science, English, and History for middle school and high school students


Kairos provides individualized tutoring tailored to the student’s needs. Online one-on-one tutoring in Maths, English, Science, French and Spanish are offered at all levels. Many students’ academic lives were transformed as they received consistent tutoring over several weeks. Student’s confidence improved as well as their grades. Students recovered learning loss and many elementary school students regained their ability to read and write. Online tutoring via our special delivery platform, TutorCruncher, is very effective and enabled us to help hundreds of students across the nation from coast to coast.


Tutors at Kairos give students the support necessary to ensure their success. They guide and advise students on how to set and meet goals, develop positive attitudes, and create productive study habits. Tutors also offer academic advising, helping students discover their unique areas of strength and excel in them.

we help students to set and meet goals, develop positive attitudes, and create productive study habits
we help students with preparing for SAT, ACT, AP exams

Test Prep

Test prep (SAT, ACT, AP Examination) is available to high school students getting ready for college. Kairos expert tutors teach students in Math, Reading and Writing. They also teach test-taking strategies which increases student’s confidence, helping them to achieve high scores that enhance their chances of college admission.


College Application Counseling

This service is specially designed to help high school juniors and seniors successfully navigate the complex college admissions process. College Application Counseling is step-by-step guidance through every part of the college application process. It will help students develop a list of reach, target, and safety schools, provide feedback on all writing samples and application materials, and emphasize the qualities application committees look for in incoming students.