our tutors are experts in Math, Science, English, and History for middle school and high school students

Private Tutoring has been shown to help with student focus and learning speed, making it extremely valuable for students in elementary, middle and high school. Who needs tutoring? Students may need tutoring in order to make up for learning loss due to the pandemic and be more prepared and confident to face the upcoming school year. Students who need to focus better so they can improve their grades, and students who are preparing for SAT, ACT and AP tests. Kairos offers in-person and virtual tutoring for students according to their preference.

Prior to the pandemic, most students received instructions traditionally. The pandemic necessitated the switch to virtual learning. At that point most tutors and students experienced virtual learning for the first time. However, recent research has shown that online tutoring offers the same level of quality and consistency as in-person, one-on-one tutoring.

Online tutoring gives students flexibility of location and scheduling, because travel time is removed, students can take a break after school before the start of online lessons. Online tutors are able to teach across geographical boundaries, allowing tutoring to be more effective, accessible and convenient. With virtual tutoring, students have access to more subjects and can reach expert tutors.

Students could also go for hybrid tutoring both in-person and on-line as convenient or desired. Kairos adapts lessons and matches students to tutors according to their specific needs and availability. There are more resources for online tutoring, students could revisit recorded lessons to help their private study. Whether in a group or solo class, online tutoring affords students diverse types of communication channels making interaction during tutoring easier, especially for shy students. Enroll for affordable tutoring sessions today!