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Exceeded Expectations

I’m emailing you in regards to Nicholas Kowalski’s qualifications as a high school tutor and to share our experience with him thus far. Nicholas is currently helping us with 12th grade-level physics and history. We started working with him about a year ago and he has exceeded all of our expectations. Given the current environment, we were not sure if we were going to find a knowledgeable tutor who can effectively teach the subject matter in a virtual setting. Nicholas was able to adapt and utilize a few different programs on his end to streamline the process. His devotion and commitment is commendable. He has never missed a session, always on time and is responsive whenever we call, email or text him. After a year of working with Nicholas, it was easy to see that he is very knowledgeable on the subject matter (especially when it comes to math and physics). Although history is not something he majored in in college (I believe he majored in physics and either has a minor in bio or was very close to completing a bio degree), he was up to the task of helping us and did not shy away from the challenge

– Abdul


Highly Skilled Tutor

Nicholas is currently working with my son Jake, a Junior in high school, and is currently tutoring for Honors Pre-Calculus.  Last semester Nicholas taught Honors Physics.  I recommend him without reservation.  My son values his knowledge and experience.  I’m a Scientist by training, I elected to go with Nicholas as his teaching skills exceed my own

– Stephen


Physics Grade Improved!

 I’m a fellow student of Nicholas at East Carolina University. I took a physics class, a subject in which I am frankly terrible, and due to Nicholas being a physics major I asked him to tutor me in the subject. He was well spoken, professional, efficient at communicating information, and as a result had me succeed with a B in the class (the highest I’ve ever scored in a physics class). Could not recommend his services enough

– John

Exceptional with Kids- Elementary Reading and Writing

We worked with Camille who was incredible with our 9-year-old. She has always had issues with reading but thrived in Camille weekend reading class. The class was fun, and educative. The theme was well thought out and the learning material was age appropriate and thought provoking therefore she didn’t really feel like we were forcing her “to do more homework”. Camille’s educational style also made it easy and “mistakes” were corrected in a gentle manner which encouraged our daughter to continue. Camille’s questions after each section also ensured understanding and reflection. It pushed our daughter to fully understand the material and the underlying message of the text. Overall, we were thoroughly satisfied with Camille’s work and can see the difference in our daughter’s reading abilities. We highly recommend Camille!

– Erin


Positive Energy and Great Humor- ESL Student

Camille is a knowledgeable tutor who teaches with positive energy and a great sense of humor. She adapts herself to her students’ level and listens attentively to their needs. It’s always enjoyable to spend time with her. I strongly recommend taking classes with her!

– Phillipe

College Counselor

Tobi is an application counselor with Kairos and I worked with him throughout my college application process. I worked with him on my personal statement, activities list, other essays, and more. Tobi gave me excellent comments and advice on my writing and was very punctual. Tobi responded to me always ready to help. Every comment he gave me on my writing was insightful and valuable. Tobi also helped me to create a schedule and stay on track throughout the challenging application process. I can say with certainty that Tobi’s excitement and eagerness to help me eased my college application process and I would recommend him to anyone applying to college.