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I used Kairos Educational services for my 2nd grader for Math and English classes. I was impressed by the quality of the teachers and felt a first-hand improvement in my daughter’s capability. Also, they are very flexible based on your needs which helped a lot. I would definitely recommend them to anybody looking for virtual supplemental educational help.

-Prajit, M.

  Kairos educational services was excellent. The tutors were very knowledgeable and clear with the information. The tutors helped my daughter improve greatly throughout the school year. They made her feel comfortable and made sure she understood the material. Dr. Kassim runs the tutoring platform in a very professional manner and is very accommodating to the needs of the student. I would definitely use this tutoring service in the future.

-Betania, N

  I am very happy with this service. The instructor is very patient with my child. Very professional and patient.

-Cerelle, B.

  Really helped my daughter with quickly turning around her algebra grade in just a matter of a few weeks.

-Tzarine. F.

  My daughter has been with Dr. Kassim & team for almost a year now. She loves the coach! Dr. Kassim herself is super awesome, very accommodating, always willing to help and flexible. We are looking forward to continuing with Dr. Kassim & team for yet another year!

-Shaloo, G.

  Kairos proved to be a lifesaver for my son. He was struggling in his AP Calculus class, and we needed to find a tutor. We were set up with Nickolas and he was a tremendous help! He helped my son have a better grasp of the concepts which helped my son pull his grades up and successfully pass the class!

-Lisa, B.

  The Kairos Team helped my daughter improve her math skills for her final quarter of her 8th grade year. She started having issues understanding some concepts in algebra 1 honors and Nick did a great job helping her improve her understanding.

-Shem, J.

  During these past few months Adejoke and her team have been exceptional attentive to me and my son. My 3rd grader was struggling in math with low scores and now is at 83% in math with her team help. Very easy to communicate with and has a sense of humility and compassion. I would recommend any who is nervous about virtual give her a try because believe me I second guessed because my son didn’t do well with virtual when pandemic him but the one on one is just what he needed and her and her team made it. She’s also a very understanding I’m herself. Thank you.

-Tiera, B.

  I am very happy with the services provided by the company. They supported our requests for various subjects at different levels in math, English and SAT, accommodating a busy schedule with sudden changes. Their professionalism, promptness in responses and value are second to none. I sincerely recommend this company for helping any child who needs any level of tutoring.

-Claudia, N.

  The team at Kairos really cared and helped my son get through a very difficult freshman year in Math. I appreciated their efforts and dedication working with my son. We are still working on his confidence with the subject, but I hope we get there with continued support. Thank you!!

-Evelyn, J

  Our 13-year-old daughter needed some extra help with math. We have been using this service for several weeks now. It has really helped build her knowledge and confidence. Very much recommend!

-Erica B.

  The service was able to provide a tutor based on my student’s learning needs.

-Suzzanne, B.

  Dr. Kassim went above and beyond to find a tutor who could help my son with college-level Calc-3 on the weekend before finals.

-Kathleen, H


-Candace, D.

  They’re really great! Mr Bill was wonderful he tried everything and was open and honest with us. Sadly, my daughter needs in person tutoring and not virtual.

-Tywjuan, S

  Very quick and responsive! Super friendly. Willing to help in a pinch!!

-Jackie, D

  Douglas and Nicholas are awesome tutors! They are flexible and creative in their approach in working with my children. I appreciate their summary reports at the end that capture highlights of their sessions. My children give them 2 thumbs up!

-Sheila, S.

  My son had a great experience with his tutor. He did a great job of making math accessible to a typically math-averse student.

-Jennifer, C

  Exceptional experience, immediate attention and goal of pre calc review session accomplished. Tutoring was assigned/ goals accomplished in a 24-hour period! I would highly recommend Kairos Educational Services.

-Alli, J

  Daniel has been a great asset and in a short time has helped my daughter improve her Algebra ll grade. I highly recommend this company for tutoring services!

-Kenya, S.

My 11yr old son just loves his new tutor Ms Carolyn. She is very patient with him and is happy to go over her assessment and plan with me. My son looks forward to working on his reading assignments again thanks to her. Dr Kassim is an absolute pleasure. She is very engaged and responsive. I highly recommend Kairos Educational Service for any parent looking for a professional, patient, and knowledgeable tutor for their child.

-Ana, V.

I would like to take this time to say THANK YOU, Dr. Kassim and staff for helping me to successfully complete my Doctoral Project through writing process that allowed to effective submit my project to my mentors and support team. I would honestly have to say that my writing ability was no very gooduntil working with Dr. Kassim organization. I was able to complete my project and earn my Doctoral Badge. Dr. Kassim has grown to be a part of my life. My journey..and now My family. Dr. Kassim stood behind me when I wanted to give up..Dr. Kassim, Thank you…..

-Pearl, L

My grandson stated to me that his school teacher told him that his reading has improved already. The assistance provided by his Kairos tutor has resulted in a discernible improvement in a shorter than anticipated period of time. I am overjoyed and impressed with Kairos services. There is a noticeable improvement of my grandson’s confidence. I just received his progress report and am more than thrilled over his accomplishments in academia! I give all the credit to his Kairos Educational Services tutors. Thank you!

-Sharon, M

My nine-year-old daughter is showing lots of improvement in reading comprehension and spelling.

-Andrea, R

My daughter is doing a lot better in school now that she has been seeing her tutor. We are very happy with the customer service as well.

-Nykol, G.

Kairos has made such a difference in my son’s quality of school work. He looks forward to working with Camille each week because she keeps him engaged with reading and writing stories that he likes. I love the fact that there is a lesson recap at the end of each session and I’m able to monitor his progress. We will definitely continue using their services for years to come!

-Jeneea, S

Great!!! Superb & sweet tutor!! My son loved her!!

-Con. E.

Dr.Kassim, is a wonderful person. loved how she helped me set up and connected with a tutor quickly. Also, she is very kind person. I definitely recommend Kairos if you are struggling with any class.

-Fethi, A.

I cannot say enough about this company. Dr. Kassim and her team of tutors have been helping my 10-year-old with English and my 14-year-old with algebra. They have learned so much and the children really like them. We will continue to use throughout the summer and likely into the next school year.

-Telisha, J.

The tutor that I worked with, faith, taught me how to critique my studying and test time and view the questions in a different manner and understanding. Dr. Kassim was beneficial and polite. She also followed up with you to see how things went and your feedback; I thought that was very polite and outstanding professionalism of Dr. Kassim to follow up with the students to see how their tutor session went; I definitely will come back.

-Latrece, R.

We love the tutoring services offered by Kairos. My daughter’s overall testing scores and subject fluency has improved. Great team to work with!

-Keri, G.

Dr. Kassim is very professional and provides great services for her students. You will not be disappointed.

-Constance, U.

Was an awesome experience! Tutors on time and Dr Kassim was but a phone call away! Will definitely use again! Thank you.

-Angela, O.

Very professional and thoughtful. I felt they truly cared to give quality instruction.

-Robin, F.

Quick response, and I really enjoy working with my tutor Rebecca.

-Kari, H.

Very nice staff, respectful and responsive.

-Litasha, W.

Kairos has proven to be an excellent French tutoring resource for my son. The instructor he had was very personable and knowledgeable of the language. Her patience and teaching style was very much appreciated. He has improved considerably. We will definitely continue to use the services.

-Lisa B.

I’ve been working with Kairos for over 4 weeks now and my experience has been phenomenal! I feel like I’m learning a lot and that my teacher knows how to challenge me the right amount! Highly recommend!

-Betty L.

  Love the French and Math tutor. I feel like my son has really improved, especially with his French.

-Charday, M.

We love this service! My little girl is able to grasp what she’s learning, and her tutor is so patient!

-Michaela, G.

  This has turned into my mommy time. I love Rebecca.

-Kendra. H.

  Excellent tutoring service. This tutoring service assisted me in passing my first semester of graduate school. Nicholas assisted me in passing Neuroanatomy. He was patient and an effective communicator! Currently, I am attending Spanish classes with Rebecca in order to enhance my Spanish for business purposes. She is incredible! I adore how she organizes her lessons and the activities she chooses for each session. Dr. Kassim works with your schedule, which is really beneficial given that I work, attend school, and have a small family to take care of.


  Taking Spanish lessons at Kairos Educational Services has been the best investment I made for 2022! The tutor provided to me is beyond knowledgeable, patient and just pleasant to learn from. I expressed my goal to be fluent in 3 months and they took on the task with no hesitation. ¡Ha sido una gran experiencia!

-April, H.

  My daughter has really enjoyed her Spanish lessons! Dr. Kassim is professional and very easy to work with. I highly recommend!!


I am taking Spanish with no prior experience and have already learned so much after just a few sessions! Rebecca is a wonderful tutor who utilizes speaking, listening, and writing exercises to deliver the lesson material. This has been a great experience, and I highly recommend it!

-Abbie. A.

Kairos Educational Services is an incredible tutoring service. Dr. Kassim has been immensely helpful in matching me with a tutor that fits with my learning style and schedule. The tutoring itself is great, and my tutor, Aaron, always explains concepts to me in detail and makes sure I understand before moving on. I’ve become much more comfortable with doing more advanced math and my grades have also noticeably improved.

-Anna, M

  Kairos Educational Services made my career dreams possible! Going back to school as an adult was a bit more challenging than I had expected. And, when it came to advanced math and chemistry, I thought I was doomed. I actually thought for a moment that I may have to give my dreams of becoming a nurse because I was struggling so badly in those courses. In my panic, I found Dr. Kassim at Kairos. Not only did she quell my fears but I am happy to say that not only did I pass all of my classes, but I never scored less than a “B”. I could not have done it without Kairos! One thing I really love about their services is that Dr. Kassim was wonderful at placing me with tutors that fit me and my learning style. I cannot say enough good things about her or my wonderful instructors, (shout out to Rajat and Aaron!). You can truly feel how much they care about your success, and they made me feel like family from my very first lesson.

-Michelle, M.

We recently hired a Tutor for our 20-year-old college student for a Statistics class. We are 3-4 weeks in, and I can see a difference in his attitude and confidence already. Test results to come.

-Thomas. R

  Wondering tutoring that has helped my daughter navigate college Math! Thank you!

-Natalie, C.

  My brother has been struggling all semester with his college math course. Dr. Kassim answered so quickly and synced him up with one of her tutors the next day (and 2 more sessions all in one week) to get him the help he needed leading up to finals. Would definitely use again- thank you so much!

-Madeline, A.

Rapid response from Dr Kassim. She would place you with a tutor that would satisfy your needs.

-Mimi, R.

Very responsive! Non rushed math tutor.

-Herman H.

Kairos Educational Services helped me tremendously with my Statistic class. Daniel was my tutor and he was very patient, and provided great tips/examples to complete complex problems. The owner made sure everything ran smooth and goes above and beyond for her clients. You will not be disappointed hiring Kairos Educational Services for all your educational needs. I highly recommend them to anyone trying to learn and improve their grades.

-Mrs. H.

  Loved the tutor I got was an amazing guy and helped me out a lot with my math!

-Sebastian, G.

College Counselor Tobi is an application counselor with Kairos and I worked with him throughout my college application process. I worked with him on my personal statement, activities list, other essays, and more. Tobi gave me excellent comments and advice on my writing and was very punctual. Tobi responded to me always ready to help. Every comment he gave me on my writing was insightful and valuable. Tobi also helped me to create a schedule and stay on track throughout the challenging application process. I can say with certainty that Tobi’s excitement and eagerness to help me eased my college application process and I would recommend him to anyone applying to college.

My daughter had an incredible experience. She was accepted to and will attend Amherst college this fall. Kairos was instrumental in this process. I would recommend them to anyone.

-Mark, B.