College applications and admissions season can be a stressful and confusing time for high school seniors. Students may need help navigating standardized tests and essay prompts, have questions about the best schools for them, or may simply want a reassuring guide to keep them on track and help them stay organized throughout the process. Kairos’s College Admissions and Application Counseling Services will take the mystery out of the application process for your student.

At Kairos, we research schools alongside students to find colleges and Universities that are best suited to their interests and their academic profiles. We aim to create well-balanced school lists that are realistic, but still allow students to be ambitious and challenge themselves in the process.

We help students emphasize the most important aspects of their character and their high school experience in their Activity Lists and Personal Essays. Through extensive virtual conversations with students about what matters most to them, we give students tools for brainstorming essay topics and content. We also provide multiple rounds of revision to drafts of the personal statement to ensure that their unique personalities are captured on the page in polished, well-written pieces. We offer notes and revisions on activity lists and resumés to make sure each student’s achievements and skills shine through and remain consistent across all parts of the application.

 From filling out the Common Application to understanding the differences between Early Decision and Early Action, we provide answers and personalized strategies for all questions students may have in the college admissions process.

Though the college application process can seem mysterious, we believe that every student can make a better impression on admission committees by taking the time to reflect thoughtfully in their writing and to create a unified sense of purpose across the various parts of the application. To help students devote the time necessary to this process, we develop personalized timelines to help them stay on track and avoid any last-minute errors. We are eager to help students take the first step into their adult lives!